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All you have made will praise you, O LORD; your saints will extol you. They will tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might, so that all men may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendour of your kingdom. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The LORD is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. (Psalm 145: 10-13)


Looking at the events that have taken place in Christiania over the last 50 years, we get a glimpse of some of God's interventions to establish and defend a church in a New Age community that has otherwise rejected Him as Lord.


Some of these events are confirmed through their remarkable parallels with Biblical narratives, or by their prophetic nature, i.e. they are symbolic of events that have later come to pass.


One such incident took place in 1990, when carpenter Sten Thomsen was asked by a resident of the Christiania freetown in Copenhagen to help construct a building in Christiania near the place where the first squatters broke in to occupy the abandoned army base. Sten brought John Andersen to assist him in this task, which turns out to have been a prophetic act that they were unaware of at the time.


Sten had been asked to make a foundation for a pre-fabricated building that was provided by the nearby Church of Our Saviour (Vor Frelsers Kirke). When he and John - who had come to Christiania for the first time - dug at the chosen spot, they discovered that a foundation was already there, so they were only required to complete it. In the same way, when they later laboured together over the following years to establish God’s church in Christiania, they would do so on the foundation already established by God through Johny Noer and Johannes Facius, who had earlier conducted missionary work in Christiania. The house that would be built on that foundation would likewise be provided by Our Saviour, Jesus, once they had completed their task.


The timing of the incident also appears to have been prophetic: Johny Noer was told by God to stop his missionary work in Christiania in 1976. 14 years later, in 1990, Sten and John started to work further on that foundation, as symbolised by the physical foundation they laboured on together, and by the church that Sten and his wife Else established that same year in nearby Christianshavn. A further 14 years later, in 2004, John and his wife Sandra started the current Christiania Church. Yet another 14 years later, in 2018, the struggling Christiania Church experienced fresh growth after receiving a prophetic word in June 2017 of the parable of the barren fig tree (Luke 13: 6-9), which foretold God’s impending intervention in that church to bring his plans to fruition. In January 2018, the Christiania Church went from holding a single church service every other week, to a regular weekly service. Shortly afterwards, a weekly prayer meeting was started, followed by other weekly activities. The Christiania Church now holds services and events 6-7 days every week.


The number 14 in the Bible has many meanings: it signifies an agreed period of labour, for this was the number of years that Jacob committed to work for both Leah and Rachel. Furthermore, the genealogy of Jesus is split in Matthew 1:1-17 into 3 sets of 14 generations: 14 generations between Abraham and David, 14 generations between David and Josiah, and 14 generations from Josiah until Jesus. The 14th day of the 1st Hebrew month Nisan is the Passover, thus it was on the 14th day of Nisan in the year A.D. 30 that Christ was crucified to save humans from sin.


Another remarkable apparent coincidence, which we recognise as divine coordination, lies in the relationship between the three generations of founders - Johny, Sten, and John - who have a spiritual relationship to each other that is similar to those between the Genesis patriarchs. Events in each of their lives also parallel some of those of the patriarchs, suggesting God's intention to establish the Christiania Church in accordance to a pattern set out in the Bible, i.e. in the Word.


In January 2012, a group of people entered the church during the night, and built a 4m high wall, thereby stealing a third of the room. Repeated appeals to various councils in Christiania to get the space back were turned down, as powerful and violent people were involved, and our pastor received death threats to him and his children to silence his protests. The stolen space was then turned into an industrial kitchen, which repeatedly changed hands as the businesses kept going bankrupt. In 2016, the church got the space back, only for another group to take it over. Finally, in 2017, the year of the Biblical jubilee, was it fully restored to us.


In January 2018, we witnessed the mighty saving arm of the Lord (Isaiah 59:1), when he rescued the church building from being burned down, and prevented the deaths of our pastor and his whole family. A visitor from Belarus, who had arrived in Denmark that day, was attending a café in the building, and was suddenly possessed to break into a flat in the premises and murder the caretaker. He then started a raging fire that burned against the door to our pastor's home, blocking the only escape. A neighbour, who had stayed up much later than normal, felt someone - an unseen angel - tapping his shoulder, but nobody was there when he turned around. That caused him to go out into the corridor, where he saw smoke coming under the fire-door, and prompted him to get the fire hose and extinguish the fire. The arsonist-murderer committed suicide by throwing himself out of the roof, and the Danish police have been unable to establish any motive for his acts; we in the church however recognise this to have been a severe spiritual attack, and we praise the Lord for saving us from a potentially great tragedy.