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How to find us

Click here for a map and directions to the church in central Copenhagen, Denmark

God's project 

The divine intervention to establish the Christiania Church

The shakers and movers 

The people who God led to prepare for and build this church in freetown Christiania

Our take on Christianity

Where we are now, and the direction we believe God wants to take us


Our regular activities:

Sunday service

We invite you to our Sunday service every Sunday afternoon at 4 PM, lasting until 6 PM.

Prayer meeting

We invite you to our prayer meeting every Tuesday evening at 19 PM until 21 PM.

Friday service

We invite you to a small Bible service every Friday evening at 19 PM to 21 PM.

Weekday gatherings

We usually hold a small gathering every weekday morning at 9 AM to 10 AM. Suspended during Corona.

All night prayer

Come and pray to God and worship Him on the last Friday night every month from 22 PM to 6 AM.

Feed the hungry

Welcome to help feed those in need every Monday evening at 18 PM to 21 PM. Suspended during Corona.

How important is it to attend church? Can a person just accept God without being affiliated to/attending a church?
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You don't have to be a Christian to attend the Christiania Church, but we do demand one condition...
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It is free to attend the Christiania Church, but be aware that there will be other costs if you want to proceed with the Christian faith...
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Who we are

We are a diverse bunch of Christians, but we share a dedication to follow the way set out for our lives by Almighty God and His son Jesus Christ. We are not a 'health and wealth' church - instead we have collectively known homelessness, extreme poverty, joblessness, divorce, childlessness, PTSD, alcohol and substance abuse, prison, racism, suicide of loved ones, depression, death threats and murder attempts, sickness, etc. But we have also personally experienced God's miraculous interventions in our lives, providing for us in times of deep need. We also know the release that comes from repentance and the forgiveness brought by the self-sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and we regularly sense the Holy Spirit with us.

Leah's story

The church's artist and drummer

Leah is a highly creative multi-talented artist and social action campaigner, who has been a member of the Christiania church since 2008

Leah uses her God-given creativity and talents to bring attention to many of the problems that blight our society

Visit Leah's website to read more about her art and projects

Vernon's story

Bike mechanic and one of the church helpers

Vernon has been part of the church since 2006, and his mission is to be a friend to the homeless

Vernon is a well-known face in Copenhagen's soup kitchens, having lived rough for many years. God has now provided Vernon and his wife with a fine home near the church, and a steady income

See Vernon in an article published about the Christiania church in 2018 on page 12 of the Danish Christian newspaper Udfordringen

Martin's story

Carpenter & artist

Martin is setting up a shelter to help people who want to be released from addiction

Martin has been a member of the Christiania church since the year 2000, when it was a house group that met in the roof above the church

Read more about Martin in an article published in 2020 in the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad

Find us

Looking forward to meeting you!

Why not come by one Sunday at 4pm, or any Friday at 7pm?

Or pass by one morning for a meal of the Word and porridge?