Check our latest news on Facebook seemed fitting for me as well, having investigated everything carefully from the beginning, to write it out for you in consecutive order… (Luke 1:3)


We are a fourth generation ministry and third generation church, descended from the Christian movement Unge Kristne (Young Christians) that was founded by Johny Noer and Johannes Facius in the late 1960s to rescue drug addicts, and to protest against the Danish government’s decision to be the first country in the world to legalise visual pornography.

Shortly after Christiania was proclaimed as a free town by the squatters who had occupied the abandoned army base in 1971, Unge Kristne conducted the first Christian ministry in this new community, operating from their base in central Copenhagen at one of the city's oldest houses called 'Soli Deo Gloria' (To God Alone be the Glory). Over the following five years, they were able to help free many drug abusers from their addiction, and brought some to faith in Jesus Christ.

In obedience to a surprise message from God to close this ministry - which we now realise was to allow that seed to die and sprout fresh growth - Unge Kristne under Johannes Facius then established the Kristent Center (Christian Centre) church in Nørrebro, from which two of its elders, Sten & Else Thomsen, set up a prayer ministry in Christianshavn to evangelise there and in Christiania. Sten, a former pusher who had come to faith after meeting Johny Noer in Christiania, founded with Else a church Frikirken på Havnen (Freechurch on the Harbour) in Christianshavn in 1990, which continued the missionary work in Christiania, including a house group in the freetown that was set up by one of the church’s elders, John Andersen. John and his wife Sandra then founded Christiania Natkirken (Christiania Night Church) at the present church premises in 2004, which was shortly afterwards renamed as Christianiakirken (Christiania Church).

We recognise that there is a spiritual significance in this three generation founding of the Christiania Church.

Some of the events in the more recent history of the Christiania Church are documented in occasional articles in the media.